photoscan 21st of October, 2012

A pair of 3D anaglyph glasses, from a package of Kellogg's Flakes.

Here you can view a passport picture with a guy wearing 3d anaglyph glasses.

photoscan 12th of October, 2012

Hot coffee lid, likely from a Kiosk at a train station.

photoscan 4th of October, 2012

Toothpicks from the Migros Restaurant in Interlaken.

Image with a scan from a Pronto Phot print, with toothpicks from the Migros Restaurant in Interlaken.

photoscan 19th of July, 2012

Straws from the McDonald's.

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photoscan 14th of July, 2012

NESTEA Ice  Tea bottle, lemon taste.

Scan of a photobooth photo taken in Switzerland with a guy having a NESTEA tag over his eyes.

photoscan 1st of March, 2012

Lost Mentos CUBE package and NOT found.

Photoscan of a pronto phot picture with a guy holding a mentos cube package in front of his face, while pulling his hair.

photoscan 26th of October, 2011

Newspaper tear out with an article about Taryn Simon.

Photoscan of a photobooth photo with a person holding part of a newspaper article which talks about the work of Taryn Simon.

photoscan 16th of July, 2011

Hollywood Chewing Gum, Style from 2011.

Scan of a photo token in a swiss pronto phot photobooth with a guy holding a Hollywood Chewing Gum package from 2011. The package is next to the scanned image and contains two gums.

photoscan 1st of December, 2011

Anna's Best Smoothie, Fruits & Yoghurt, Mang-Orange taste.

A scanned image of a picture made in a pronto phot photobooth in switzerland. Next to the picture there is a label of Anna's Best Smoothie Fruit and Yogurt.

photoscan 1st of July, 2011

Lorenz Nic Nac's, Double-Crunch-Peanuts.

Scanned image of a photo of a guy holding Nic Nac Double crunch peanuts (by lorenz) in front of his face, and the scan also includes the original nic nac's pack used in the photobooth picture.

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