Welcome to the 21st century.


My name is Andreas Warren Matti.

I am a blogger without followers, a writer without publications, a model without fashion, a hipster without a beard, an artist without a gallery, a painter without canvas, a graphic artist without any background, a connoisseur without schooling, a believer without a church, a poet without any feelings and a lover without the love.

But most of all, I am a narcissist. Here is my Instagram.

This image of Andreas Warren Matti's instagram photos by AWM includes a hyperlink which is: https://instagram.com/awmphotography/

3rd Ave W

D---s not included.This is an image of the the road sign on which I live now, by awm goes crazy.


LIVE and DIE it's time to realize
                            if you sniff and blow you will feel like a scarecrow,
but if you FIGHT and HATE in the end
you will generate,
                           so please KISS and LOVE
                                           without feeling shame from above.

This should show a picture of a rabbit made of stone, wearing a coat and holding a had.

This should show an image of a David statue made of most likely cheap stone, it's white, although likely not to be marble.
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