Love haTe

Love hate, love hate... in the end we regenerate. 👫

Sweet love is like honey, it depends on the season.
Fools die all the time, but so do people in general.
Cruelty is among us, everywhere, but just don't look.

The future is full of beauty, if you buy seeds of flowers
and plant them,
this is for certain.

People cry and I do too,
at least on the inside
we sometimes all do.

Days pass and nights appear, hold my hand, have no fear.
I'll hold you tight and guide your way.
Don't look back, nothing is there for you to stay.

Kiss my cheek and wish me good luck,
as tomorrow will come and we will continue our futures,
our paths, our journeys, because we rarely want to get stuck.

What ever comes is what ever will be,
but this does not mean that what is will be to stay.
The path continues and as the journey it never ends.

The reason of now is the moment of which is to enjoy
and honestly,
who would want to waste that?

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