I am free as a bird is what we say.
Birds fly long, high and smooth.

We have our choices and
we choose wisely.
We try do be our best and
we give all we can.

I am free as a bird, but truly free is only
when there is nothing more but one.

Everything revolves around another,
anything is an inluence to the other.

We have our choices and
we get held up.
We try to be our best and
we do not succeed.

Free as a bird no one will ever be.
The reason is as no bird flies alone.

18th of September 2014 - AWM

But don't worry.
Relax and enjoy the smaller things in life.

A day at the beach

Shining in the sun

Here it is hot, today I shine.
The water is cool.

I walk along the beach and
the sun maintains it's glow.

People walk along the beach.
The day is long.

Here it is gorgeous and
the meaning is; here on earth.


I am on the road, rock and roll!

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