Sneak On


I'm so happy for the life I live.
I have made choices, looking back do not believe.
I have no regret, neither the less.

We all are part of a whole.
We try to live next to one, sometimes it is not to be.
We focus on others, forgetting us.

I'm happy for what I have become.
I have gained wisdom, knowing I am the only one.
I am the person, that is me.

We try to make it right.
We life our lives for you, for everyone and us.
We forget that it is only one.

I realize that I am.
I awake and let you know, you are second.
I will always be the first.

It is me, who makes me happy.
- AWM - 28th of June 2014.

Oh and by the way I am totally the guy that will go down to your basement and check up on your personal stored items to make an anonymous profile about your person, who ever you are.

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