Lovers, lovers in pain. Come little baby, don't be a shame.
I'll do you good. I'll do you fine. I'll get you back, back to be mine.
If you need to act like a h*e. Do it. I've already done it. Now it's your turn.
Please don't be a bore like the rest of us. I loose myself in what I really am.
Not everything revolves around you. Not everything is about us.

Time is on our side for now. Tomorrow is unknown. Lives will end.
I'll do you later. I'll do you for a while. I'll use you as I desire.
If you really think life's a b*tch, you're right. It is just waiting, to be f*cked.
We waste and taste all of the good. Yesterday was bitter but today is better.
Not everything revolves around me. Nothing ever is about us.

Today I'm a winner. I've tasted the love, I've had the pain.
I'll do you tomorrow. I'll do you real good. Who cares if I want you.
If you need me, then please do. But I will not be the one to take care of you.
My patients has left a bitter taste to myself. I now am bored of who you are.
Not every thing revolves around us. No thing is ever for ever.

Andreas Warren Matti - 13.03.2014

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