I found this images in my archives, I don't remember where it is from or where I took it. Isn't it weird how we just don't remember things and on the other hand we never forget certain happenings...? I believe in a world where dreams can and do come true. Sometimes I struggle, I know we all do. Days go by and life stays the same although we wished it and fought it to change. But it just doesn't. This is the time: reality, life, facts and/or -call it what you want-, hits hard. It hurts. That doesn't mean it's time to quit, right!? Right! There is something inside of you and the ones that search for their purpose and I am convinced that we all have our purposes. Personal or not. We fight, we crave, we hate, we love, we struggle and continue... It never ends. Either you really want it or not. What ever it may be. Continue. Do not stop. Peace, love and happiness. I wish I was born in the '40s. I'm sure I'd of have loved the '60s. The good times, where the SH*T began.

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