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I think I forgot to mention that I'm holy.
ps I'm holy and btw keep the fire door locked shut, I might burn out.

fire door keep locked shut, bitches

Getting Around

...not so much.

Recently  I've not been getting around for posting a whole lot of new stuff...
In the mean while why don't you have a look at some of my selected work.

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Making Of

This is the -making of- for one of the pictures of my theses 2013.

Now you too can make your own!
Just follow these simple instructions.

The recipe:
1. get bees
2. get flowers
3. make square
4. get hands
5. put all together (but don't stir)
6. get lights and ladder
7. take picture with camera
8. crop and print
9. hang on wall and enjoy

"Flowers & Bees" and what else goes together like "Man & Women"? Come See

I'm not lazy

Sorry for my absence. I was not drinking absinthe, not this time.
I was not lazy either, try busy. Working on my theses. Now I'm waiting.

i'm not lazy, are you lazy, lazy fool, waiting, work hard, wait for better, sweet stuff waiting for, aiit, awmphotography, thisisit, take it or leave it, eat my shorts, waiting for what, chicken
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