"Clip Clap and...


I am an artist because that is what, I choose to be.

"I grew up here and as old as I am, I am. I proudly carry my name, knowing that I am my own god and I will do good. Good to the world and good to you. With honour I carry my middle name, which was given to me, in remembrance of my grandfather, Warren Beim Spickard, whom I sadly never met.

I live here and there and little bit of every where. Nobody knows where here is. Only by having people telling them, here is here, you know where here is. So, people tell me here is where here is and I guess that is where I life now. I live here. Here next to you, we all life together, together for a while, together for a time being.

I am as old as I am and as old as I am, I am. My soul may be older, but people may not care about souls. People care about you and your age. So, how old are we, you and I? Maybe I could be as old as you, maybe a year more or less. How much and what is a year? Does it and how much does it really matter… We are here. We are here and we are now.

My name AWM goes a long ways, but whatever I am is what I stay." 
27.04.2009 Andreas Warren Matti

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