Love 'em or hate 'em. Either way, they'll make you your babies. Personally, I love 'em.


A dream of lots.

Why can't we just escape? Run away, to another place. Run away, to another world.
Why can't we jump the edge of our world and retrieve our most desperate dreams?

A dream come true.

Why can't everything be simple? Like as A-B-C, nothing more. Like as A-B-C, or less.
Why can't we just say A to the world and everything would be okay?

A struggle for some.

Time Travel

Time Travel - final cut with music aka the best time lapse compilation ever !!! Oh, okay. Whatever man... This was a project I needed to do. This was a project called project 7. This project I personally named -Time travel-. This project technically started 5 years ago. Whaaaaat!? Yes.

You can watch this project on youtube.com ... Yes, I also have a youtube channel! WOW, eh!? ...and again: Whatever man. Click the picture, this is not a test and it's not a ballon.

A Night Out

"A Night Out. Hey! That spells ANO :-) That's another nickname, other than...eh,.... ,mmmh... you know...   ... ,I mean beside from...
Oh wait,.. EMERGENCY.. ... hold on, just a sec...
heres another dialog between A and B, so you get your moneys worth.

""A: "Hi Chicken, what's up? Do you want some nuggets?"
   B: "No thanks Andy! I'm eating fries at the moment."
   C: "Oh ok! In that case, we'll ask Warren."
   B: "Ah yeah... by the way he called and said he's hanging out with G on friday!""

I'm back! Sorry about that :-?... Ok... ,mmh.... where was I...
ah, yeees... Hello my names are  .....   ...ah!, you know what...nevermind.... cuz I'm like pretty tired now...so.., yeah, you know. Sleep Well and all! Gooood Niight.

- PeAcE OuT!"


Flowers, flowers, where have you been? I counted to ten.
Spots and freckles, what have you done? I'll count back from 10.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6,... dream on.

These are byproducts from a series called -Girl with Mask- (working title),
the series will be online (at awmphotography.com) shortly.

5,4,3,2,1,... enjoy.

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