Broke Pix

Don't cry for me - I'm not crying for you anymore. I was looking for you on the island I thought you'd be, but sadly I didn't find you there... and so, I was forced to give you up. I know there are still some other islands to search for you, but honestly: I'm sick of it. I think I'll just let it be, as I now got something else in return. Seriously: it's sad. But I don't think it has been a waste of time.

(I was looking for some pictures that I had mistakenly deleted on a hard disc, but they didn't show up... I tried to find them with two different recovery programs... without success! Instead, one of the programs found these corrupted files among others. Well now! The one thing led to another and now I had a story to tell :-) SMILE - ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE)


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