The 31st

Tomorrow is the 1st of a new year... today is the last. A year goes, a year comes: if anyone has the desire to do something different with their life, now you get a chance. Well, chances are always around, but we tend to need some sort of reason to take one.

Leave the old, take the new. No matter if you decide: "The new shall be my old."
The choice is yours, it always is. HNY

Sugar Sweet

I hope you are having a good time and enjoying the holiday season. Or else: Take Work Off

China Sights

You can visit, you can come.
You are invited, come and join.

Stay and relax,
spend some time.
Don't go home alone,
bring a friend.

Stand still in the middle of the road, maybe. Look left and right, then run away as far as you can. Seriously, don't look back.

You live in the past, we all do.

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