Rock the Horse

Somedays I wish to lay awake and to lie to the world and to you. Maybe one day I will be able to be a unique kind, some special fool. Sadly I've dreamed of becoming immortal and this doesn't make it any easier... Days pass, nights leave, memories stay forgotten. We all have our own little island of joy and another one, just for the lost. Today I am missing everything, but I am still here. I guess I haven't quite forgotten myself, just yet. I must be resting on the island for the lost.

the window

Every sight is a thing of its own. We own lots of things and yet we think, things we own are things we should enjoy with others. Maybe there are to many things we own and too much things we think we should own. Either way, I shouldn't be talking about things here, rather than windows. Well yes, windows are nice too.

I'm glad we have them.

The Past Month

Good Day and Good Morning.

The times have gone but some pictures remain, selected once, just for fun. -?
Or is it for a cause,... MmMMMmmmmmHHhhhhhhh....... who the heck knows anyways?

All I know is what I wish to become - we all should... If we do, is another story.
But either way: The Story is Ours.

Just because this is
"Walter Pfeiffer"s hand,
it doesn't need to be labeled
as such...

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