moving lights and butterflies

Long ago there lived a hero called "The Butterfly Man". He was a fears fighter and a wise warrior. Nobody would have ever challenged him, if it wasn't for the little treasure he held. He held the magic of light and captivity. However this magic was only granted to him by a very strange and old butterfly, which he was depended on carrying around his neck at all times, in order for the magic to work.

The "Lord of Darkness" was known to be evil and scary like nothing known. Therefore everyone was incredibly afraid of the power of "The Dark Lord".

(But you see, our evil part of the story had found out about this magical butterfly and therefore he made it his personal challenge to entice the butterfly man into his chambers of evil.)

Ok. So here is the part where it’s all to begin. The butterfly man accepts the challenge and decides to fight the evil and oh so scary lord of darkness, in order to set an end to all of this evil madness!

The Butterfly Man, our brave warrior presents himself. He is willing to fight the Lord of Darkness, also known as The Dark Lord. His magic will help him and guide him through the chambers of evil.

The Land fields, this is where our Hero must enter in order to access the chambers. Surely, this will not be a sunny walk as he enters these gates of evil…

The deep webs surround him as he descents deeper and deeper in to the fields. Surrounded by darkness, he struggles to find a way to the first chamber, as suddenly…

The Gatekeeper comes out of the dark and tries to snatch a bite at the butterfly man. CHOOOP, slightly misses his bite. Our friend was unprepared and was thrown off his path. He was now falling past the gates of evil, and as it seemed, down in to the dark illusions of his mind and then BAAAM!

The first chamber appears as his eyes close. He can't believe the brightness within this dark world. Now he begins to understand, that not only did he find the entry to the end of this all, he now realized, that he had more power than ever expected. Entering the dark chamber…

The Lockwatcher has been waiting for him. Quickly the lockwatcher begins his attack, as the butterfly man gathers his strength. Then without a blink, a bright beam of light shots from his hands and pulverizes the evil lock watcher, back into his origin of darkness. SSHHHHH… Everything goes dark.

The second Chamber begins to evolve around him, as the left over ashes of the enemy begin to merge together again. Our hero quickly begins to enter the second chamber, as he looks back and sees the Dark Lord appear through the joining of the ashes. Quickly he enters and assumes to be safe... AAAH!

The Lord of Darkness has tricked our friend in to entering the chamber, a fatal move. Once arrived to the core of the inside, he realizes his mistake, as he finds himself in the center of the Dark Lord's kingdom. While still regretting his mistake the evil side appears, ready for the kill of the butterfly man. There is no escape.

The Dark Lord takes his chance and SNAA… It seems to be done; he gives himself defeated and is willing to hand over the butterfly. In this very moment the lord of darkness closes his gap …ATCH! Now it is over, it has been done… The butterfly man now finds himself in…

The Inside of Evil, swirling around in space. He struggles to hold on to something, anything that will stop him from spiraling into the endless ways of no return. In front of him he sees the rivaling core of darkness and he gives up. As he begins to conclude, that in this place, there is no return, there is no future; he now gives up his butterfly and sets it free.

The Inside of Neverland, WOW! The butterfly begins to transforms everything from the evil inside out, light appears and colors begin to evolve. It becomes a sight of beauty, now it is that he realizes; everything good has an evil side and everything evil has a good side. Beauty lies inside all darkness and within all darkness there is a light. WHOOOSH! The sight vanishes and everything dissolves back into nothing, back to darkness, back to black. Silence.

The Spiral appears out of nowhere and it is over. All beauty has gone and all evil has been defeated. The butterfly man has given up his butterfly and has become nothing more than a man, just a simple man. But the story is not over, it has just begun. Then it is of now, that he finds himself lost. Nothing more and nothing less; lost in a never ending spiral, at the beginning of something we call life.

He knows this is the beginning and therefor he has a choice, a choice to create a new world, a world which will spring from out of the dark. He concludes that there can be nothing more but light and beauty to create because the dark is already there. This makes him happy, knowing that he has now become whole. And finally he begins, with the beauty that lies within.
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