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A Visit at the Museum

A visit at the museum is always a special treat.
Somedays we realize what beauty some pictures hold, on others we forget the world and the fast moving reality.

Sometimes we do not even realize the beauty of nature which lies in front of us. Neither the less, we should keep our eyes open and seek the beauty of live.

Have a nice day!

Two Inventions

I went back a bit in time for this unique and a bit historic post...

While spending some time researching about the first digital camera, I spontaneously decided to make a little blog entry about Steven Sasson. Further more I choose to give the inventor of the instant camera, Edwin Land, just as much recognition as the inventor of the first digital camera.

Both of the following images where parts of videos, which had been print screened from these (Edwin Land / Steven Sasson) two videos. The images taken from the videos have been intentionally manipulated in these ways, to resemble the individual inventions.

Mister Edwin Herbert Land was the inventor of the polaroid camera, 1947 he presented his revolutionary instant camera, which became one of the most popular camera systems of all times! Up until today, this unique style which can be captured by the varieties of a polaroid film, is still of great meaning and desire! Thank you dear Mister Land

Mister Steven J. Sasson is know to be the inventor of the very first digital camera, which was developed around 1975. His fascinating device had a resolution of about 10'000 pixels and took about 23 seconds for one image! Incredible, but yet very impressive, the picture was captured on a simple digital cassette tape! Thank you dear Mister Sasson

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