Actually I was working on a painting for a friend of mine. The painting will include photographs of her child, which she made herself. I was finishing up as I stacked the crumbled pictures together and placing them aside. As they lied there, the moment caught my eye and I could not resist capturing that sight.

Hotel Hotel

This was actually suppose to be a panorama... as you might see or not. My stitching program somehow, obviously had a different idea in mind. Panorama here or there... what ever happened within the software, this is what came out of it and yes, I actually kinda like it. I hope you do to.

A day at the Lake

...that was the day before yesterday.

Lying in the grass, enjoying the sun and the shadow.
Watching the people.

Lying in the grass enjoying the nature and the wind.
Watching the people, passing by.

Lying in the grass, enjoying the girl and the beauty.
Watching the people passing by, one by one.

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