a man of twelve

To the man of twelve:

As I was studying in my room above the fountain place as the sunlight unexpectedly entered my chamber. While looking outside into the light, I saw a man sitting on a bench. It didn't take long, before I realized that this was a rare sight. (Quickly, I grabbed a Nikon D3x, which had just been mounted with a 300mm/2.8 Lens and a 2x Lens Converter, that had surprisingly just been standing restless on a tripod in the middle of the room.) Overwhelmed by your presents and by the way you sat there, smoking one cigarette after another, while sinking into your thoughts; I stood in my room, hiding behind the lens, taking one picture after another.

Gratefully I thank you for these moments of silents and wisdom.
May your thoughts have been heard.



Für mich ist es eine wunderschöne Art die Welt durch eine grosse Mattscheibe zu betrachten. Es ist dann fast, als wäre die Welt dadurch frischer, poppiger und irgendwie noch brillanter als sie bereits ist... Jeder sollte das mal erlebt haben!


From 10 to 230

Here's just a little something you can do to waste some time...


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