Adam and Eve

Well, these two died and so will I some day.

Smack that B*$tch

Write, write and write lines of poetry.
F*$k that s*$t, I am the only one meant to be.
Okay, okay and take your time.
F*$k my lines and write another rime.

S*$k a c*$k, because that's what I do.
S*$t the f*$k up because it's what I choose.
Your morals disagree, good for you.
But please consider that I am meant to be.

Shizzles to my nizzle has taken some game.
Now, I will not have it ruined by shame.
Quit, co-respond and create some wisdom.
I will start now, but honestly...

I have already created some films with fun.



The Good God

My passion is a lie and my wisdom kills.
I am a lost soul which is missing out on thrills.

The dear god is a soul within you and me,
he may be far from us, but he is what we see.

My conscience is fake, my love is part of a hate.
I am sometimes lost and not always straight.

The beauty of love is the beauty we hold,
one day will be for us to be one, for us to mold.

My love is a moral that is not meant to be.
I am a good god, but not one everyone can see.
AWM - 8th of April 2015

Behind the Shades

   Good                          morning                                  my       knight.
                  We         are                                   here                                                 to  fight.
                                             The            princess                          has      died.
           We        hide,                       at                         best                                    we       tried.

Here is photograph by andreas warren matti aka awm goes crazy. This image displays his window with shades, in seattle.

Welcome to the 21st century.


My name is Andreas Warren Matti.

I am a blogger without followers, a writer without publications, a model without fashion,
a hipster without a beard, an artist without a gallery, a painter without canvas, a graphic artist without
any background, a connoisseur without schooling, a believer without a church,
a poet without any feelings and a lover without the love.

But most of all, I am a narcissist.

WHAT REALLY!? You are too!?!?
Dang! I thought I was the only one.

Fine! I'll just go back to my iPhone, use Instagram and call myself a photographer. Mpf!

This image of Andreas Warren Matti's instagram photos by AWM includes a hyperlink which is:


LIVE and DIE it's time to realize
                            if you sniff and blow you will feel like a scarecrow,
but if you FIGHT and HATE in the end
you will generate,
                           so please KISS and LOVE
                                           without feeling shame from above.

This should show a picture of a rabbit made of stone, wearing a coat and holding a had.

This should show an image of a David statue made of most likely cheap stone, it's white, although likely not to be marble.
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